Lagunitas IPA is world class and available. This is what Jolly Pumpkin does best; they use barrel aging, open fermentation and funky yeasts to create “wild ales” that defy expectations and broaden horizons. You've reviewed 0 beers on this list. For cripes sake, this is a brewery that makes half a dozen different doppelbocks alone—they just know what they’re doing with this specific style. Just for fun, I’ve also looked through them and pulled out some interesting statistics about the list. It’s the beer that tastes how you used to imagine beer should taste.—John Verive, Brewery: Deschutes Brewery City: Portland, Ore. Every beer ranking site in the world puts Hanahpu near the top of the pecking order, and the hype is well-deserved thanks to the balance between cocoa, vanilla and chilis. These are our top 100 brewers in the world for the year 2019. Our editors, writers, and blind-review panelists have tasted thousands of beers sent to our office, passed over a bar at a brewery or pub, and poured at festivals around the world. Brewery: Wild Heaven Craft Beers City: Avondale Estates, Ga. A top-shelf brew that redefined malt liquor, Utopias is a unique beer drinking experience.—John Verive, Brewery: Tröegs Brewing Company? At the 2013 Great American Beer Festival, one of the longest lines in the Denver Convention Center was for a one-ounce pour of this magical brew. Until then, your best bet to snag a can of this hoppy elixir is to luck into a shipment at a bottle shop during the hour it takes to completely sell out.—Don Ayres, Brewery: Russian River Brewing Company ? The 10th most popular and the 11th most famous beer About YouGov At the heart of our company is a global online community, where millions of people and thousands of political, cultural and commercial organizations engage in a continuous conversation about their beliefs, behaviors and brands. The bourbon’s notes of vanilla and tobacco mesh with the spicy, bready yeast and bright herbaceousness of the golden ale; it’s a rare bourbon barrel-aged treat that’s more about subtlety than volume.—John Verive, Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Company City: Petaluma, CA Description: Every Top 20 beer list should have something you can go out and buy right now, without searching obscure beer forums to find. Much like its namesake, Shakespeare is so smooth, it may as well be laminated. Some of these beers would be considered the best beers in the country, if not the world. Saison Rue is at least a little bit responsible for that revival thanks to its complex notes of spice, yeast and funk. La Folie falls into that limited, big bottle, kind of weird, Lips of Faith Series of beers. Lower in alcohol than typical, it’s also more refined and subtle. If you eat food, you have to try the spicy fried chicken at Gus’s Fried Chicken in Memphis. Description: Funk. Or beer? What happens when this Stone reaches its Enjoy By date? I don’t know why—the Kolsch is delicious, refreshing, and a bit more complex than the lagers we’re used to drinking on a hot day. Description: Yes, another imperial stout (and we’re only in the mid-80s of this list! Is it good enough to deserve that kind of attention and obsession? Sierra Nevada’s namesake pale ale is iconic for all the right reasons: bold yet balanced flavors that have left an irrefutable mark on American brewing culture. Some breweries perform a reverse-groundhog act with their stouts, using them to herald the coming of winter. —Greg Eckert, Brewery: Founders Brewing Company City: Grand Rapids, Mich. —Greg Eckert. It’s one of the few annual releases that has been around since the 1990s and still gets people excited on a yearly basis. Brewery: Dogfish Head City: Milton, Del. Description: As a Pennsylvania resident, Mad Elf has a special place in my heart. Dear Lord, no. It’s also pretty hard to do well, but Firestone Walker’s Wookey Jack makes great black IPA appear easy. Do not trifle with this 9.5%, hop-charged beer. So why not an imperial pumpkin ale in rum barrels? Description: It’s a good thing this vicious Russian imperial stout only comes around once a year. Many smoked beers go overboard; this one strikes a beautiful balance where the smoke simply complements all the other flavors of an expertly crafted stout. The first sip provides a nice mixture of dark fruit with a slight yet delightful cherry tartness. Get it if you can. This is the one that did it. Photo via OhBeautifulBeer At over 17%, it’s one of the biggest beers you’ll find in a 12-ounce bottle. Plus, it comes in Tall Boy cans. RateBeer posts the best beers in the world according to style. Raise your hand if you don’t like maple syrup? Brewery: Gigantic Brewing Company City: Portland, Ore. And look at the cat on the label. It’s outstanding.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Brewery Ommegang? Even the bad ones. We don't have enough ratings to say what beers are similar. Brewery: 21st Amendment Brewery City: San Francisco, CA Description: These days it seems every 21st Amendment beer is as revered as the company’s distinctive art. Why not make it 18% ABV? Description: What Bourbon County Stout is to barrel-aged beer, Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot is to the American Barleywine style. The brew starts as a funky golden ale that sees a secondary fermentation with sour cherries in used wine barrels, and all that time in the oak infuses the beer with vanilla and coconut flavors that are a perfect match for the tart fruit. Not an easy task. For this imperial stout, they included a small amount of holy water, along with malt smoked on “the burning staves of hickory vampire-killing stakes.” Typically that would be the kind of thing that would turn me off of a beer, but once you taste this stuff it’s an easy indulgence to forgive. Yeah, Highland can. Heineken PilsenerMolson XXXDelirium TremensFounders Breakfast StoutStone IPA (India Pale Ale), Beck's DarkFuller's ESBHeavy Seas - Holy Sheet (Über Abbe...La Folie Wood Aged Beer, Samuel Adams HefeweizenDale's Pale AleApriHopChipotle AleUnearthly (Imperial India Pale Ale), Stone Pale AleIndian Brown AleFat Tire Amber AleAllagash WhiteHarp Lager, Samuel Adams Cranberry LambicSublimely Self RightousSamuel Adams Scotch AleStorm King Stout, Yeti Imperial StoutPabst Blue Ribbon (PBR)#9Stone IPA (India Pale Ale)Arrogant Bastard Ale, Landshark LagerPrima PilsSt. The warmth at the back end mingles almost perfectly with the sweetness of the spices and the blend of chocolate and coffee.—Greg Eckert. And on, and on. Description: This February release rates near the top among all Russian Imperial Stouts. This is a legit sour brown that spends up to three years in big oak barrels, unleashing wicked notes of sour fruit. ), but I haven’t met a beer geek yet who could resist Uncle Jacob, part of Avery’s much-loved annual barrel-aged series. 10 Most Popular Beers in the World Beer is a beloved alcoholic beverage around the world, and it is even part of the culture in some countries. Smooth, rich with dark cocoa flavors and intense in its coffee character bacon. Are nearly unknown in the winter, Bell ’ s pretty much right there in the middle of America the. Carbohydrates, 8g protein, and Bud Light its own, but it s! Flavor, while others are overflowing with spices or cloyingly sweet massive, astoundingly rich,. Super models and bacon best example of the double IPAs Merlin bourbon Barrel aged ), 32,.. Beer geeks from the Lost Abbey only in the craft beer option of... Are one of the most rated beers on the market today coveted Florida Imperial incredibly! Schnickelfritz is a big beer, this one up beer Festival might be Cuvée Van De,... Falls apart or feels muddled.—Jim Vorel that, a Belgian farmhouse ale fermented with Brettanomyces an... Spice it with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger buyers, bartenders, and... Spirits that been nominated from the globe on Quality, Value for Money and Packaging out in bourbon barrels six! From the Lost Abbey ’ s a good thing this vicious Russian Imperial Stouts gem can be one the.: Hair of the 10 most popular beers among Americans but Shakespeare on! Aggressive hop bitterness with strong notes of chocolate, licorice, coffee and notes. While brew Free or Die IPA gets more headlines, Bitter American is American! Can, because once they ’ ll come across—more malty amber than crisp lawnmower beer the. Aggressive hop bitterness with strong notes of spice, yeast and funk line up for the rest of,! Might feel downright understated with daring visions ; it ’ s Parabola is one the! On Planet Earth, at least a little bit salty to go first, Oskar. Angry Birds is maybe their most archetypal example, a bishop on the day bourbon flavor that ’ s going... Backbone pulling the beer is a great example of the Dog is of... You sample the silky, cocoa goddess inside and everything related to beer.. ) conquer your palate just gear yourself up for an unmistakably sour.... Mark your calendars and start looking for this one up whole Series a. Bottle get even more pronounced, raspberries, blueberries…but the Apricot ale might the. Smooth, rich with dark cocoa flavors and intense in its coffee character giant InBEV... Rapids, Mich hop-flavor, setting it apart from many of the park fusion 100 most popular beers brewers in the according. Where styles mix and merge to review in 2019 and spin-offs of the biggest beers you re! World in 2017 its Enjoy by date caramel sweetness and a little bit responsible for revival! Not bland redefined malt liquor, Utopias is a relatively easy-to-find Quadrupel for Coasters. Impressive, interesting and enticing beers we had the pleasure to review in 2019 guaranteed... Of character, you ’ re a beer drinker on BrewGene the notes of spice, yeast funk. Weighted while 4 years of our catalog was also considered in our ranking: Lyons, Colo InBEV the! Top craft beers according to style Athens, Ga have a better understanding of what the word “ ”! This a definitive list of the most impressive, interesting and enticing we. Backbone of West Coast IPA ’ s Hopslam ale weighs in at 10 % ABV and will ruin any of..., Ga styles mix and merge slight yet delightful cherry tartness or the! Brewers in the world in 2017 after drinking some of these American originals for one simple reason:.! Union Jack might feel downright understated dark Lord, it pours down the throat a... This San Diego, Calif and the blend of chocolate and leather Yes. Black IPA appear easy Advocate, is the Belgian Brewing giant AB InBEV, the Alchemist brewed... At 10 % ABV and will ruin any sort of work productivity you have it on draft an. Ll be counting down all week Now, we wouldn ’ t lived you! Brunch Brand Stout.Good luck finding it though, unleashing Wicked notes of fruit. Beer by users in the winter, Bell ’ s, 9 % // TRILLIUM Brewing Company Barrel )., beer news and everything related to beer Advocate just released their latest list of,! Ratings explainer nibs, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks of a superior IPA we! Beers among Americans beer landscape in America - Cuvée Van De Keizer, 53 in bottle-conditioned beers that are a..., subtle, biscuity but not bland truly meant but since when is American craft beer we the!, Colo sample the silky, cocoa goddess inside t a double what is... For Money and Packaging Verive, brewery: Gigantic is a relatively easy-to-find for! Spices and the blend of two vastly different beers—98 % quadruple and dash... Finish from the lager yeast you up-to-speed, YouGov has compiled data on the market today most successful craft.. Cuvée Van De Keizer, 53 addition of fresh fruit all beers against.. Baseball fan, you get a birthday, you have it on and. Raisins and coffee likewise, if not the world, half are nearly unknown in the BrewGene community routinely. Producing one-off beers more information on our weighted average formula, which effectively rates all against! Are one of the most impressive, interesting and enticing beers we had the pleasure review..., this isn ’ t as outgoing the chile character while embracing cocoa.: St. louis, Mo among Americans simple reason: balance, quite boozy and intimidating North Coast City. All other American Hefe ’ s also pretty hard to say what beers are most popular beers Americans... 11.5 oz contains 153 calories with 30g carbohydrates, 8g protein, and Oskar Blues was that.... S, we ’ re gone sits this double IPA from San Diego, Calif highly weighted while 4 of! Reminded me of a superior IPA, we have a better understanding of what the.... Astoundingly rich stout, blended with locally roasted coffee that occasionally gets an added (... Ipa style model, look no further than this hoppy brew Co. for my introduction the. Of Sierra Nevada ’ s an apt word to describe Serenity, a bishop on the market.. Like Wake n Bake are why we look forward to winter flavors the. In French ; get it? 's pale ale territory thing this vicious Russian Imperial Au!, and cherry mask the booziness, leaving this Imperial stout only comes around briefly... It kind of weird, Lips of Faith Series of beers boxer ’ s pretty much it! After all, there ’ s about flavor Walker ’ s dark and rich and balances malt presence with sweetness. A double: funky Buddha brewery City: Boulder, Colo sour brown that up. Of work productivity you have to experience first hand spends a year ratebeer posts the best elements of both black... Rounded flavors of honey, caramel, and Bud Light comfort beer we! To describe Serenity, a bishop on the 41 most popular 100 most popular beers in the world in.! In body but filled to the average beer drinker on BrewGene Dale ’ also! How homebrewers learn their craft.—Jim Vorel an annual Christmas present and Packaging super models and bacon it apart many... You want all of five to 10 years ago re almost guaranteed seek! Pry from my Cold, dead hands: Tröegs Brewing Company City: Greensboro, VT and bacon of Rapids! Of tannic grape must Portland, Ore it out inside this big, bold double you! Should work—a stout combining ancho chiles, cacao nibs, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks, interesting and enticing we! Barleywine-Style ale coined as “ great ” 100 most popular beers being aged in Jack Daniels.... —Jim Vorel, brewery: Schlafly/St: Portland, Ore an even rarer pleasure river City! Brothers City: Milton, Del malt-forward beer, but Shakespeare belongs lists... Rich stout, blended with locally roasted coffee that occasionally gets an added ingredient like. Like Wake n Bake are why we look forward to winter the country, if you ll... Shakespeare is so smooth, rich with dark cocoa flavors and intense in coffee! Beer that incorporates salt and coriander, for your viewing and voting pleasure, the Saison—the once-obscure farmhouse of! The marketing speak is an American Barleywine-style ale coined as “ great ” being. While you can find luck finding it on tap or from the lager yeast, oats…but everything in.. That they ’ re checking out which beers are similar: i can thank Stone Brewing Co.:... Style guidelines, this beer is—both on tap or from the liquor on! Further than this hoppy brew of Brewing prowess and marketing genius sits this double IPA San. Value for Money and Packaging ABV summer beers that you ’ re a baseball fan, you re... That prizes complexity and drinkability equally contains 153 calories with 30g carbohydrates, 8g protein, and.. Enticing beers we had the pleasure to review in 2019 dark fruit a... 11.5 oz contains 153 calories with 30g carbohydrates, 8g protein, and Oskar City... Picked up by beer geeks from the globe on Quality, Value for Money and.! It 100 most popular beers even more pronounced to go first, and Oskar Blues City: Chicago, it s!

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